Still a lot of questions and doubts related to the PPWR (Packaging & Packaging Waste Regulation) for your packaged (food) products?

Did you know that packaging that is designed to be recycled will have a lower Extender Producer Responsibility fee (EPR)? Don’t wait to make your packaging RECYCLE-READY

Talk to one of our experts! We can guide you in redesigning your flexible packaging to ensure it is recyclable.

Additionally, we can help you minimize the volume and weight of your packaging while maintaining its functionality.

Possible solutions are mono-PE, mono-PP, compostable and coated paper packaging for diverse applications including food, coffee, pet food, as well as home and personal care products.


Responsible raw material supply

Choice of the suppliers

  • Committed in the sustainable economy,
  • Local suppliers,
  • Promotion of renewable energies,
  • recycling operations,
We offer recyclable packaging

We offer recyclable packaging

Choose the material of our products

  • Use of paper-based construction,
  • Polyolefin,
  • Mono oriented PE, PP, PPC,
  • Changing barrier components,
  • Deleting polluting element,
  • Minimization of the evoh %,
    Slitting & bag making

    Our line of conduct

    Ours proposals

    • Low carbon footprint,
    • Preferred flexography or digital solutions,
    • Using solvent free process or mono layer solutions,
    • Reduced number of colours,

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